Technical Due Diligence to Banks/Private Clients

As part of the funding approval process WS Project Consulting work with banks, companies and private financiers to provide technical due diligence services on schemes where project funding is sought.

Services include:

  • Site visits
  • Review of construction costs, programme, drawings, specifications, cashflows, and other requested documentation in conjunction with the project team
  • Preparation of a pre-facility report
  • Regular site visits during the construction process
  • Monthly drawdown reports and verification of drawdown requests
  • Updated cashflow analysis both professional fees and construction costs
  • Attendance at progress meetings on site and practical completion
  • Attendance at end of defects meeting on site

Legal related services

WS Project Consulting are able to provide the following consultancy services to the legal profession or individuals/companies:

  • Preparation of contractual claims for Direct Loss and/or Expense, extensions of time and Liquidated Damages
  • Claims analysis and defence of claims for Direct Loss and/or Expense
  • Adjudication services
  • Expert Witness
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